Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our products. If your question is not answered please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

What is your return policy?

All orders are made to order. For this reason, there are no refunds or returns. If an item is damaged due to shipping, please let us know within 3 days of receiving your item and we will do our best to fix this issue. Defects should be reported immediately with photos.

Can we request a fully custom order from you?

Yes! Of course! We love custom orders and would be more than happy to fully design a custom order for you!

What are Vinyl and Peel-N-Stick?

We use a High Quality Indoor Vinyl for our home decor prints. Our Indoor Vinyl for the prints has a satin finish with bold color quality. The decals are made with a Gloss Indoor Vinyl. Peel-N-Stick is an adhesive, woven fabric perfect for wall murals. The Peel-N-Stick also has a matte finish that shows the bright quality of every print.

Hey, I have textured walls is that okay?

It depends is the unfortunate answer. Compare your walls with the pictures below to see if your walls will work:

 (Smooth) Yes! Cover me now!!

 Probably, our products have worked on worse. (We recommend a sample.)

 May work but would start with something small. (We recommend a sample.)

 Nope, not at all! 

Will it damage my walls?

Our products will not damage your walls. Our adhesive Vinyl and Peel-N-Stick can be used many times and have a guarantee for up to 1 year. That's the beauty of these products! They are perfect for apartments, offices, dorms. Need them longer, no worries our products will last for years if you want them to!

What all surfaces can be used?

All Vinyl and Peel-N-Stick will stick to any non-porous paint, metal, glass, ceramic, tile, plastic and wood. If your surface is smooth and non-greasy then our graphics will stick. Vinyl and Peel-N-Stick will not stick to brick, stone, unfinished wood, or any rough-textured porous surface.

How do I install a mural/adhesive wallpaper?

Install According to Below Instructions

Wall Heroes wallpaper is designed to seamlessly lineup when installed as directed. Please read through all of the instructions before you start.

** Scroll to bottom for installation videos on prints. **

Examine your shipment

Inspect your wallpaper for rips or tears, creases will come out during installation. Contact us immediately if there is an issue with the shipment. The top of each strip has no white space, whereas the bottom has a narrow strip of white and is printed with your order number. Do not trim any part of the paper until installation is complete.

Get a friend

Wallpaper installation is a two-person job so grab a friend!

What you will need

You’ll need a sharp utility knife, a straight edge, and a small squeegee.

Prepare your wall

The wall or surface to which you are applying wallpaper should be clean and free of dust. Loose paint or other wall coverings must be removed to ensure good adhesion. In order to ensure maximum smoothness of installation, nail heads,nicks, gouges, and other surface imperfections should be filled, sanded smooth and sealed. On new walls, drywall joints should be taped, mudded and sanded smooth.


Start from LEFT to RIGHT

If you’re applying multiple panels of wallpaper, hang it from LEFT to RIGHT to ensure a smooth repeat of the design across the surface. Start with the upper left corner of the room, wall, or other surface you’re wallpapering.

Apply the first strip

Pick up the first panel and peel away about 6 inches of the paper backing from the top of the panel. Align the top of the wallpaper with the ceiling, making sure it’s straight and even on the wall. Ask your friend to step back and check that the strip is straight and level, then press the exposed adhesive area against the wall. Wall Heroe's Peel and Stick Wallpaper is repositionable, if needed slowly peel the paper off the wall and reapply as necessary.

Once the strip is in position, gently peel the paper backing down 5-10 inches and smooth the wallpaper onto the wall, moving from the center outwards. If necessary, use the squeegee to move large air bubbles to the edge of the design.

On to the next panel!

Pick up your second panel of wallpaper and apply it so that its left side overlaps the right side of the previous panel by 1/2 inch, carefully visually matching the design. Do not trim the overlap; it guarantees that the wallpaper will repeat seamlessly. Repeat this process, moving from left to right and aligning each new strip over the strip to its left.

Almost Finished

Once you’ve applied all panels to your wall, use a sharp utility knife to trim the excess paper on the lowermost edge of the wall and any excess paper on your installation area. Now, take a step back and admire your work!